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OUR VISION:  To have God fearing children who are spiritually, emotionally and physically equipped (proverbs 22:6)

OUR MISSION: To share Christ with all children, disciples  them and to help them realize and use their God given gifts and talents

OUR MOTTO: “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and men.”        (Luke 2:52)

  • Share the Good news of Jesus Christ with all children
  • Disciple children to their full potential
  • Partner with parents in developing the children
  • Provide fun filled, safe and conducive environment for holistic growth
  • Prepare the children for their next phase of life

  • Sunday school caters to ages 3-14.  3-5yrs It is named Upendo (love).
  • The children in this class are usually in pre-school/kindergarten  6-7yrs It si named Amani (peace).
  • The children in this class are usually from classes 1 and 2.  8-10yrs It is named Neema (grace).
  • The children in this class are usually from classes 3-5. 11-13yrs It is named Rehema (mercy).
  • The children in this class are usually from classes 6-7.  O.P.Es/star brands R.O.P.Es-Stands for rites of passage experiences
  • It’s a process of initiation that facilitates transition from childhood to young adulthood/teenage.  It was started by Tanari trust and introduced to ECC in 2009.
  • The attendees are usually the class 8s  It’s now referred to as the Star brands.
  • Outreach-visits to children’s homes, prisons etc.
  • Vocational bible school-commonly referred to as the fc2
  • Fire conference for the children or FC2 as it is commonly known is a fun-filled program in Eagles Christian church. It is usually held during the month of August to connect with and reach out to the children in the community. It includes games, snacks, crafts, skits, music and most importantly, bible lessons. It encompasses spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual growth.
  • FC2 comes in handy to support our vision (to have God fearing children who are spiritually, emotionally and physically equipped) and mission (to share Christ with all children, disciple them to transform the world).
  • Each year, the Sunday school committee comes up with a theme, a theme verse and also a theme song for the FC2.
  • Children’s choir/eaglets
  • Camps/boot camps
    • Are usually done by the Star brands before graduating to the youth class
    • Serve as their initiation period-boys are taught about manhood and girls about woman hood. They are also given certificates on completion and then welcomed to the next stage of life by the adults (parents/guardians) in the church.
  • Sports day
  • Help children grow interact with others/socialize.
  • Reach out to the community-children are encouraged to invite their friends from schools and neighbors.
  • Train children on life skills e.g. teamwork
  • Increase the number of children in our church.
  • Helps children to discover, develop and deploy their talents and gifting.
  • Children concerts
  • Talent shows