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Purpose Statement: The Ushering department exists to serve the Lord by creating order in the church or worship service in line with the biblical knowledge that our God is a God of order

Vision Statement: To serve with excellence so as to move worshippers closer to God

Mission Statement: Giving dedicated service to the pastoral team and the congregation by fostering cohesiveness spiritually and socially

Motto: Doing all things decently and in order

Core Values of Ushering

Our Core Values have been an acronym HIPATH, which depicts the services we give; they are of High quality leading to the Path to eternal life

  ♦  Honesty Integrity   Patience   ♦  Accountable    ♦  Team work    ♦  Humility in service


praise and worship is responsible with the leading the congregation in praising and worshipping the Lord in the services

Vision: To be a praising and worshipping church

Motto: Worship the Lord with gladness, come before Him with Joyful songs Psalm 100


Core Values

 Commitment  Punctuality  Integrity Relationship And Fellowship

Major Activities Of The Department 

  ♦ Vocal training once a week   ♦ Training of vocals quarterly   ♦ Prophetic worship quarterly  ♦ Visiting children home quarterly


The counselling department is charged with providing care and support to the new converts at their point of response to the gospel. This department also gives support and care to those facing various challenges in life

Vision: To be a department of trained counsellors in the service of God and man

Mission: To empower the members of the body of Christ with knowledge, skills and attitude to handle challenges in life and help others find solution to their own challenges

Motto: Providing counselling with compassion


  • Quarter 1 Retreat for all the counsellors
  • Quarter 2 Training     : Introduction to Basic counseling skills
  • Quarter 3 Training     :  Advanced certification in Guidance and Counseling
Roles and Requirements 
  • Prayers after the service
  • Upholding individual prayer days
  • Wearing identification budges
  • Commitment to the God and E.C.C
  • Loyalty to the Leadership
  • Always ready to serve
  • Love towards the members of the congregation
  • Support each other in the Department


The choir is mandated to write, produce and sing songs of praises that draw the congregation closer to God in songs. The choir at ECC shall be identifies as Eagles Voices

Vision : To be a praising and worshipping church

Mission : Worship the Lord with gladness, come before Him with Joyful songs Psalm 100:2 

Major Activities Of The Department 

  ♦  Retreat and bonding of the team  ♦ Training of vocals quarterly   ♦  Easter cantata   ♦ Christmas cantata

Regular Practice Session

There are regular practices for the choir. These practices are meant to enhance the ministry on Sundays.

The practices are mandatory to every member of the team. The timings and days of practices include:

  • Every Sunday at 1400 hrs (after service)
  • Monthly overnight practices
  • Occasional practices as directed by the leaders in consultation with the Pastor


The protocol and Hospitality department is in charge of ministering and serving our guests, both first time members and guest speakers.

Vision : To serve with excellence so as to move worshippers closer to God

Mission : Let all things be done decently and in order 1 Cor 14:40

Major Activities

  ♦  Quarterly retreats for training   ♦ Regular meetings for evaluation and planning


This department is mandate to go out and witness for the Lord Jesus Christ and win souls to the kingdom of God

Vision: To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all mankind and win souls to the kingdom of God

Motto: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations … and teaching them to obey everything … (Matt 28:19)



Core Activities

  ♦ Weekly one on one evangelism    ♦  Bus ministry as organized   ♦ Distribution of gospel tracts  Crusades


The visitation ministry is responsible for visiting members of the church to encourage and offer support as well as fellowship to the members of ECC

Vision: To reach out and offer compassion and support to those in need

Motto: Pure religion and undefiled before the father is this, to visit the fatherless and the widows (James 1:27)


Core Activities

  ♦  Visitation as called upon   ♦  Quarterly training’s   ♦  Retreats quarterly 


 The Couples Fellowship  is charged with the responsibility of nurturing, enriching and ministering to the marriages at ECC.

Vision: To build and empower young couples spiritually, economically and socially by equipping them with the requisite knowledge to raise Godly purpose-driven families.

Mission: To be a fellowship of young couples leading all-round fulfilled and Godly married lives.

Motto: But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord (Jos 24:15)

Core Activities

  ♦  Quarterly couples dinner   ♦  Weekend retreats quarterly  ♦  Couples seminar